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  • Re: [cbi-dev] How to tag my repo from a shell script on CI?, (continued)
  • [cbi-dev] Trigger Jenkins Job when something changes, Alberto Debiasi
  • [cbi-dev] git operations failing on CI - workaround!, Jonah Graham
  • [cbi-dev] Signing third-party content, Dirk Fauth
  • [cbi-dev] OOM in Standalone TCK build job and question about where do the default NLP_PROTOCOL_OPTS settings get configured?, Scott Marlow
  • [cbi-dev] MacOS notarization, Dirk Fauth
  • [cbi-dev] Starting sibling containers, Julien Enoch
  • [cbi-dev] Use NodeJS plugin?, Michael Wurster
  • [cbi-dev] CBI and GitHub, Christoph Daniel Schulze
  • [cbi-dev] [CJE] How to know why a pod isn't properly provisioned?, Mickael Istria
  • [cbi-dev] github server authentication in Maven settings.xml on CI, Mickael Istria
  • [cbi-dev] Kubernetes - jenkins home folder - Permission denied, Olivier Delcroix
  • [cbi-dev] is there a way to get notifications from Jenkins for hung builds, Jonah Graham
  • [cbi-dev] looking for specification of the "migration" pod, Didier Vojtisek
  • [cbi-dev] Question about Jenkins Credentials (efxclipse project, new Jiro infra), Christoph Caks
  • [cbi-dev] Installing executables on the custom docker images, Jonas Hungershausen
  • [cbi-dev] Windows containers + JIRO, Jonah Graham
  • [cbi-dev] CBI Maven plugins 1.1.6 have been released, Mikaël Barbero
  • [cbi-dev] p2-metadata-default fails as soon as test phases are enabled, Christoph Daniel Schulze
  • [cbi-dev] Contributor trust level to discover pull requests from forks doesn't trigger a build, Joseph J Kim
  • [cbi-dev] keyple - Git submodule, Olivier Delcroix
  • [cbi-dev] XWT - Maven not building using the gerrit branch, LE MENEZ Quentin
  • [cbi-dev] Jenkins & Xvfb, Philip Wenig
  • [cbi-dev] Generating javadoc in CBI, Geneviève Bastien
  • [cbi-dev] Extending JIRO instance by external nodes, Karsten Thoms
  • [cbi-dev] emptyDir volume 'm2-repo', Karsten Thoms
  • [cbi-dev] caching on, Jonah Graham
  • [cbi-dev] not responding, Ed Bratt
  • [cbi-dev] Shared workspace, Greg Watson

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