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Re: [cbi-dev] Windows containers + JIRO

Hi Jonah,

No, there is no support for running windows containers and there is no plan for supporting them for the foreseeable future. Later (hear once the JIRO migration will be completed), we may be able to setup a windows K8s cluster (hosted on Azure) with a couple of nodes and make it available to the community. No premature enthusiasm though: we did not even started to evaluate this solution. Also, I'm pretty sure that this won't make UI testing possible (currently UI testing covers 90% of the requests for a Windows agent).

However, we can connect Windows and Mac machines (VM or bare metal) as permanent agent to your Jenkins instance. Organization members can sponsor project to get them dedicated agents with Windows or macOS. See for more details. Projects can also provide their own machines (all it needs is an open ssh port).


Mikaël Barbero 
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Le 9 août 2019 à 01:12, Jonah Graham <jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

Hi folks, 

Is there support already in place for JIRO agents running windows containers?

I have seen the FAQ entry, but I was wondering if there is more info. In particular, is anyone doing this yet? 

CDT's need us for testing the cdt-gdb-adapter on Windows (and presumably eventually Mac) as GDB behaviour on different platforms is sufficiently different that we should try not to rely on Linux testing only. 

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