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Re: [cbi-dev] keyple - Git submodule


Diverse lifecycles seems to justify multiple GIT branches / tags not repos. I would very strongly caution against splitting a GIT repository for anything other than the most pressing and demonstrably justified purpose.

Xtext is an example of a project that split up. AFAIAA this has not been helpful. It certainly has not helped me because as an occasional user of the original one Xtext GIT repo, my GIT connection was broken and I am not motivated enough to discover how to use all the changed repos. The split therefore made it much harder for at least one user to contribute fixes.


Ed Willink

On 19/07/2019 11:26, Olivier Delcroix wrote:
Hi folks,

We are considering in splitting our project repository keyple-java into multiple git repository because we have independent components with different lifecycles.

We are hosting our code on the eclipse github. What do you think about using  "git submodules" feature to create a master repo? Is it compatible with GitHub Eclipse policies?

Then, we need to split our "PR check" jenkins job into X jobs to protect each repo independently, do you see problems we can anticipate at doing so? Do we need to ask for a 'jenkins-github' bot for each repo?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts,

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