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Re: [cbi-dev] /home/jenkins/.m2 is read-only in orb-gmbal-pfl-release-build project

Hi Russel,

You don't need to do that anymore. We have a toolchains.xml automatically mounted with the proper values. Current content can be found here


Mikaël Barbero 
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Le 11 juin 2020 à 14:42, Russell Gold <> a écrit :


I am an administrator on this projec , and we are now attempting to do a release for the first time in over a year. The project uses maven, which needs to write at least into the .m2/repository directory. In addition, it requires a toolchain, so we need a way to copy a file from the project into some location that can be accessed during the build. In the past, that location was /home/jenkins/.m2.

Now, however, any attempt to do so results in the error:

+ cp eclipse-jenkins/toolchains.xml /home/jenkins/.m2
cp: cannot create regular file '/home/jenkins/.m2/toolchains.xml': Read-only file system

I suspect that there is something wrong with the Kubernetes Pod configuration; specifically, the volume mounts. How do I change them? It’s using subpath, when it is not necessary and not designating the volumes as writeable.

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