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About the Eclipse Foundation

The Eclipse Foundation provides our global community of individuals and organisations with a business-friendly environment for open source software collaboration and innovation.

What We Do

We have a proven track record of enabling community-led and industry-ready open source innovation earned over two decades. We host Adoptium, Software Defined Vehicle, Jakarta EE, Eclipse IDE, and 410+ open source projects, including runtimes, tools, specifications, and frameworks for enterprise, cloud, edge, automotive, AI, embedded, IoT, systems engineering, open processor designs, and many others. Supported by over 360 members globally, the Eclipse Foundation has an established international reach and reputation.

Our Approach to Open Source

Our focus is to create an environment for successful open source projects and to promote the adoption of Eclipse technology in commercial and open source solutions. Through these services, we provide our communities with a proven model for open source development:

“Our customers like the idea that we're not reinventing all of the technologies ourselves, and that we're using and participating in open source projects that are governed by a well-known, independent foundation”

— Glenn Ergeerts, CTO, Aloxy

Who We Are

The Eclipse Foundation is an international non-profit association supported by member organisations who value open source as a key enabler for their business strategies.

Our Members

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    Join a collaborative team built around the core values of service, respect, professionalism, and collegiality. We work together to make a difference for our members and open source communities.

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    Our History

    The Eclipse Project was created by IBM in November 2001 and supported by a consortium of software vendors. The Eclipse Project continues to be used by millions of developers. The Eclipse Foundation was created in January 2004 as an independent not-for-profit corporation to act as the steward of the Eclipse community. The independent not-for-profit corporation was created to allow a vendor-neutral, open, and transparent community to be established around Eclipse.

    Our Connection to Europe

    The Eclipse Foundation is an independent non-profit corporation based in Brussels. Our open source development model fosters digital transformation in Europe and beyond.

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