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[cbi-dev] MacOS notarization


I am trying to get the signing and notarization working for MacOS for the NatTable Example application. 
I tried to adapt the shell script from platform and Oomph, but it seems my knowledge of curl etc. are not good enough. I always get the following error:

curl: (26) couldn't open file "org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.nattable.examples.e4.product-macosx.cocoa.x86_64.dmg"

Although I think I am in the right directory and things should work. I really don't understand what is going wrong. It would be great if someone could lend me an hand on solving this problem. 

As Mikael already asked me to do, I will also write some hints in the wiki about the notarization etc. to help others in the future. But to do so it should work at least. Probably I am only missing some simple thing, but I really don't see what.


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