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Re: [cbi-dev] How to tag my repo from a shell script on CI?

There are three problems


  1. Ssh agent to be added to JIPP (Bug  564145 should handle this)
  2. Username genie.releng is for releng jipp. For m2e jipp the username will be different(you can see the username in the ssh agents list).it will be most likely genie.<jipp name>. Also you need add this user as committer to your git repos. Need to raise a bug for this(I don’t see a commit with username genie.<jipp name> in m2e-core git repo>
  3. You need to set and in your script.


Here is an example of Jenkins free style job(no pipeline involved)


Hope this helps



From: Mickael Istria <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: 10 June 2020 01:07
To: Common-build Developers discussion <cbi-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: [cbi-dev] How to tag my repo from a shell script on CI?


So I tried to mimic and adapt what's done in Platform, but pipeline



pipeline {
    agent any // I also tried agent { label "migration" }
    stages {
            steps {
                container('jnlp') {
                    sshagent(['']) {
                        sh '''
                            git clone ssh://genie.releng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:29418/m2e/m2e-core.git --branch master
                            cd m2e-core/
                            git tag $releaseStream
                            git push origin $releaseStream



fails with "FATAL: [ssh-agent] Could not find specified credentials"

Jenkins UI for SSH agent doesn't show such a agent, so it seems to be totally missing. What do I have to do to get such SSH agent available?


Mickael Istria

Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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