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[cbi-dev] OOM in Standalone TCK build job and question about where do the default NLP_PROTOCOL_OPTS settings get configured?


I would like to understand what the container/VM memory size is that goes with the "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" failures we get collecting job results from standalonetck-nightly-build-run-master [1].  

I do see from standalonetck-nightly-build-run-master/47/injectedEnvVars [2] that JNLP_PROTOCOL_OPTS contains -Xmx256m.  Can we identify where the JNLP_PROTOCOL_OPTS setting is coming from for [2] and also understand how much memory is available for a possibly higher -Xmx256m?  

Just for comparison, the [1] job launches [3] which requests (Java max of) -Xmx2048m to be used for JNLP, of a possible OS/container/VM max memory limit of 2176Mi (as controlled via [4]).



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