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[cbi-dev] looking for specification of the "migration" pod


I'm in the process of migrating the gemoc-studio project.

I've tried the "migration" pod as proposed in the wiki.
However, the ui test fails with a 134 error (most probably need more memory)

Is it possible to use both the default "migration" pod and resource assignment as exposed here (https://wiki.eclipse.org/Jenkins#What_is_killing_my_build.3F_I.27m_using_custom_containers.21) ?

Otherwise, can someone point me to the specification of this pod so I can duplicate and adapt it ?

Didier Vojtisek
SED Rennes - DiverSE Team - LogicA Team
Inria, Univ Rennes, CNRS, IRISA
Campus de beaulieu
35042 Rennes, FRANCE
(+33) 2 99 84 75 07