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  • Re: [soc-dev] Couldn't write topic on gerrit commit for my first patch, (continued)
  • [soc-dev] Employer consent, Wayne Beaton
  • [soc-dev] help needed for creating my first patch, Satyender Yadav
  • [soc-dev] Don't make me hunt you down :-), Wayne Beaton
  • [soc-dev] Check in, Wayne Beaton
  • [soc-dev] Slot allocation, Wayne Beaton
  • [soc-dev] Private comments, Wayne Beaton
  • [soc-dev] Mentor assignments, Wayne Beaton
  • [soc-dev] mentor request for Eclipse Foundation failed, Henrik Rentz-Reichert
  • [soc-dev] gsoc'12 proposal (UID Plugin), Indresh Kumar
  • [soc-dev] UID plugin, Indresh Kumar
  • [soc-dev] Proposal for Diagram Layout with KIELER, Jayant Gupta
  • [soc-dev] (no subject), Indresh Kumar
  • [soc-dev] Template for proposal, Timur Achmetow
  • [soc-dev] Reviewing proposals, Wayne Beaton
  • [soc-dev] WCET analysis for eTrice, #HARJOBEN SINGH#
  • [soc-dev] [GSoC 2012] XText & EMF based query engine for MongoEMF proposal, Tiger Gui
  • [soc-dev] [GSOC 2012] : eTrice project proposal, #ROHIT AGRAWAL#
  • Re: [soc-dev] [swtbot-dev] Need interested mentor in GSOC2012 -- Proposal for "Add swtbot support for more Nebula widgets", 唐新红
  • [soc-dev] GSOC2012 Proposal "Add swtbot support for more Nebula widgets", 唐新红
  • [soc-dev] Generic Action Code Language project proposal, Satyender Yadav
  • [soc-dev] ranking of proposals, Henrik Rentz-Reichert
  • [soc-dev] GSoC 2012 Project - XText based query engine for MongoEMF, Tiger Gui
  • [soc-dev] [GSoC] Project Proposal - Git-enabled cheat sheets, Reinaldo Junior
  • [soc-dev] [GSoC] Project proposal - ORION, Edyta Przymus
  • [soc-dev] Open and transparent, Wayne Beaton
  • [soc-dev] [GSOC Project Idea]-Looking for a GSOC Project idea in ECF, Jasintha Dasanayaka
  • [soc-dev] We're good-to-go, Wayne Beaton
  • [soc-dev] Eclipse Foundation not in list of mentoring organizations of GSoC, Henrik Rentz-Reichert
  • [soc-dev] Eclipse is not in GSoC 2012?, Chen Cheng
  • [soc-dev] Registering as a GSoC mentor, Doug Wightman
  • [soc-dev] GSoc 2012, Prabhath Suminda
  • Welcome to soc-dev, portal on behalf of emo

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