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Re: [soc-dev] [GSoC] Project proposal - ORION

Hi Edyta. AFAIK, we don't have a requirement that your project be described on the wiki. You can enter it as an "idea" if you'd like, but there's no requirement to. Just submit your idea through the GSoC system.

Use this mailing list to solicit interest in your project. You need to have several mentors believe in your project to have it ranked high enough to be selected.

I'll post more about requirements for things like intellectual property management later (I'd rather wait until the list has 'filled out' a little more).



On 03/20/2012 04:01 PM, Edyta Przymus wrote:
Hello Eclipse community,
I'm a newbie here, want to participate in GSoC 2012. My project
proposal will be about Orion. I am in touch with Szymon Brandys, who
would be a mentor of this project if it would be chosen. The idea I
want to develop is <<Git style "pull request" infrastructure within
Orion>> . This idea comes from a GSoC Ideas wiki page and from
consultation with Szymon I know that it's important for Orion, because
this infrastructure would make contribution with non-commiters of
Orion far easier.

I have some questions regarding process of application for GSoC with
Eclipse. First of all, as I understand I have to create a wiki page
about my proposal and describe it there. Should it be the same text
that I would submit on Google melange site? There is a link on
Eclipsepedia to application template, but it seems to be broken, could
you tell me where I can find it? I also want to know how should I
prove the Eclipse community that I am suitable person for the project,
what more, than just writing application and staying in touch with
mentor is required? If there is anything more that I should know about
process of application to Eclipse - please let me know. I am really
excited about Orion and really determined to be chosen.

Maybe the end of a message isn't the best place to introduce myself,
but I'd like to try ;-) My name is Edyta Przymus, I am a 22-years old
polish student of electrical engineering. I was a successful GSoC 2011
participant with Scilab. My project is describe on this page [1] . I
also have done an internship in IBM Krakow Software Lab, which was a
huge chance to gather some professional experience. If I would be
chosen for GSoC 2012 I would be coding from Monich, Germany, because I
go there for student exchange for summer term. What's give me the
biggest satisfaction when I work is  feeling that my job is useful and
important - I hope it makes me a good candidate for such an exciting
summer job as GSoC.

With kindest regards,
Edyta Przymus

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