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Re: [soc-dev] Check in

Hi Wayne and all,

My Project is on Generic Action Code Language[1] under eTrice projects.
I am currently uploading all my code in a git repository[2] on
Currently i am developing the grammar and code generator for language separately which wasn't mentioned in my schedule initially but it overlaps most of part of my first few weeks work. Then i am planning to start developing patches to source of eTrice on, once it is in working,total and very good condition. Also i am currently in contact with my mentor through private emails, at least 2-3 mails a week.
As far as help required is considered from others, since i am designing syntax of a language and trying to have syntax as close to C and java syntax as possible any comments regarding syntax from experienced programmers is very well appreciated. I will update the project page[3] and its wiki page[4] pretty soon may be within a week these would be with documentation & description enough to have a look at.


With Great Regards,
Satyender Yadav


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