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[soc-dev] GSOC2012 Proposal "Add swtbot support for more Nebula widgets"

Hello , everone:

I have submited a proposal titled "Add swtbot support for more Nebula widgets" to the google-melange, I will appreciate that someone can make some comments on this proposal, and hope interested people would consider whether this proposal is valuable to be mentored or not in this summer. Thank you!

Proposal “Add swtbot support for more Nebula widgets”



SWTBot is an open-source Java based UI/functional testing tool for testing SWT and Eclipse based applications. It not only provides APIs that are simple to read and write, but also can run on all platforms that SWT runs on while very few other testing tools can perform such well in SWT and Eclipse based UI testing world. However, Nebula as a popular Eclipse project offering useful Custom SWT widgets, which SWTBot should do more work to support.


Detailed Information

SWTBot performs well in SWT and Eclipse based UI testing world, and you can know more information at [1]. Nebula is a place where different Eclipse-Projects and Independent developers collaborate on building Custom SWT widgets and reuseable UI-Components useable in UI-Applications built using SWT and JFace, you can know more at [2].

There is already someone realizing that SWTBot should be enhanced to support Nebula widgets, see the bug tracker [3] and Eclipse forum [4]. The bug reporter Aurelien has already very interesting and significant work to enhance the SWTBot to support Nebula Gallery widget, however many other Nebula widgets may still not be supported yet by SWTBot after about 2 years since the bug reported. On the bug page talking list, guys have shown great interest and wish to see SWTBot supporting more Nebula widgets. I just want to utilize this GSOC opportunity to do such interesting thing which is not listed on the eclipse GSOC2012 wiki page, but I still want mentors can focus on this idea.



There are about 18 widgets Nebula offering, with 10 released and 8 in incubation, so this proposal will only focus on the 10 released Nebula widgets. In 2010, Aurelien already did great work to enhance SWTBot to support Nebula Gallery, so the first step in this summer is to check his patches and borrow useful information to go further. After that, write code to support more other released widgets.


The detailed plan is as follows:




Before coding: clone Nebula and SWTBot repositories and prepare all developing environments; create bugs if neccesary

Week 1: check the patch against bug 325076 to know more and finish off the work if necessary

Week 2: write code to support Grid

Week 3: write code to support PGroup

Week 4: write code to support PShelf

Week 5: write code to support TableCombo

Week 6: write code to support CalendarCombo

Week 7-9: write code to support XViewer and GanttChart

Week 10-12: write code to support Oscilloscope and SWT Transition Widget

Week 13 – GSOC2012 END: write documentations and tests, create patches to fix corresponding bugs


About me

My name is TangXinHong, a undergraduate student from Beijing University of Technology. I'm preparing for my computer science and technology bachelor degree. I have about 2 years Java programming experiences and often use SWT to develop Eclipse based UI applications. I’m new to GSOC, hope I can learn a lot and make friends here.


My Email : Tomxinhong@xxxxxxxxx

My IRC ID: tomxinhong







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