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Re: [soc-dev] Check in

Hi Wayne,


Sorry for the delay in replying. I am currently working on the eTrice project : Extended  Model Validation and State Graph Proposal Generation.


I have been in constant contact with my mentor Dr Henrik Rentz-Reichert mainly through email, and occasionally on Skype. He has been very helpful in providing me all sorts of information and help required by me.

I am currently working on learning Plugin Development in Eclipse including a good understanding of Extension points, quick fixes , markers and validation done by XText.

I have read a lot of documentation on EMF and eTrice as well to understand their working and framework.


To develop the algorithm for Model Validation I am also trying to understand how it was implemented in the precursor tool Trice through its source code written in C++.


I have not yet created a Git repository as I have not yet started actual coding. However, most of the refactoring related to my project has already been done.



I’ll keep you updated as and when I create my Git repository for uploading my code and share the URL with you.


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Rohit Agrawal


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Can everybody who is working on an GSoC project please check in?

Students, can you please let us all know your status? Are you on schedule? Are you learning what you need to learn?

You should be well underway in your development. If you are in need of assistance, you should seek it soon.

Please let us all know where you are doing most of your communication. I do see some student activity project mailing lists, but I'm only seeing the work of a very small number of our students. I prefer that you work in an open and transparent manner; project dev lists are an ideal location for this sort of communication. Bugs are another good place. Some private email communication is normal and expected, but should augment public communication.

If students or mentors are missing in action, please let me know. Private email might be best for this sort of communication :-)

I look forward to hearing from you.


Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
Twitter: @waynebeaton
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