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[soc-dev] [GSoC] Project proposal - ORION

Hello Eclipse community,
I'm a newbie here, want to participate in GSoC 2012. My project
proposal will be about Orion. I am in touch with Szymon Brandys, who
would be a mentor of this project if it would be chosen. The idea I
want to develop is <<Git style "pull request" infrastructure within
Orion>> . This idea comes from a GSoC Ideas wiki page and from
consultation with Szymon I know that it's important for Orion, because
this infrastructure would make contribution with non-commiters of
Orion far easier.

I have some questions regarding process of application for GSoC with
Eclipse. First of all, as I understand I have to create a wiki page
about my proposal and describe it there. Should it be the same text
that I would submit on Google melange site? There is a link on
Eclipsepedia to application template, but it seems to be broken, could
you tell me where I can find it? I also want to know how should I
prove the Eclipse community that I am suitable person for the project,
what more, than just writing application and staying in touch with
mentor is required? If there is anything more that I should know about
process of application to Eclipse - please let me know. I am really
excited about Orion and really determined to be chosen.

Maybe the end of a message isn't the best place to introduce myself,
but I'd like to try ;-) My name is Edyta Przymus, I am a 22-years old
polish student of electrical engineering. I was a successful GSoC 2011
participant with Scilab. My project is describe on this page [1] . I
also have done an internship in IBM Krakow Software Lab, which was a
huge chance to gather some professional experience. If I would be
chosen for GSoC 2012 I would be coding from Monich, Germany, because I
go there for student exchange for summer term. What's give me the
biggest satisfaction when I work is  feeling that my job is useful and
important - I hope it makes me a good candidate for such an exciting
summer job as GSoC.

With kindest regards,
Edyta Przymus


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