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Re: [soc-dev] Open and transparent

Hi Wayne,

You mean we should discuss our project proposal here besides special sub-project(such as Code Recommenders) mail list, right ?

I have just finished the draft version of my GSoC's project proposal - Merge SnipMatch into Eclipse Code Recommeners. As there are several pictures in it, it is not very convenient to post the whole article in mail list, you guys can get the details here[1].

Abstract of my proposal:

Eclipse Code Recommenders[2] is a tool which can make IDEs intelligent, it help developers to reduce development costs. It supplies intelligent code completion, extended javadocs, smart bug detectors, stacktrace search engines and others.

Now, we want to add code snippets autocompletion for Code Recommenders project. SnipMatch[3] is a code snippet search tool for Eclipse, you can find video demo, guide and document in its index page This GSoC project aims to improve and merge SnipMatch? into Code Recommenders project.

My GSoC mentor will be Doug Wightman and Marcel Bruch.

If you guys have any ideas about how to improve this tool, please let us know. Thank you :-)


2012/3/20 Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hey folks.

Students and mentors, please keep in mind that we are an organization that prides itself on open and transparent communication. If you have projects that you need to discuss, I strongly encourage you to hold those discussions in a public forum. Preferably this mailing list, where everybody will have the opportunity to understand what work is being proposed.

Remember that it is the group of mentors who must collectively decide which student proposals we want to accept and in what order. Mentors can only vote in favour of those proposals that they understand.

Students, it is your job to make us want to accept your proposal.

Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
Twitter: @waynebeaton

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