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Re: [soc-dev] Couldn't write topic on gerrit commit for my first patch

Hi Satyender,

you should add a commit message (before the Gerrit Change-Id). The last commit message will be used as topic for the uploaded patch.
Also you should add new files during commit. So please carefully check the file list in the commit dialog and set/remove checks where appropriate.
In this case this was no problem since I just had to re-generate

I will further comment your code using Gerrit.

Kind regards,

Am 31.05.2012 15:13, schrieb Satyender Yadav:
Hi everyone,

I have just added a little grammar of GACL to room.xtext file in project. It is just to allow the code declaration in GACL syntax along inside DetailCode.
Its fully backward compatible. I just uploaded the commit using gerrit for first time. So please do review it without subject also i will be commiting another code fully working and fully backward compatible soon with changes in code generator or converter you may say. If someone can tell me how to give topic name / subject to review requests coming through gerrit please do tell. I am using Egit with gerrit configured.

With regards,
Satyender Yadav



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