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[soc-dev] [GSoC] Project Proposal - Git-enabled cheat sheets

Eclipse Cheat Sheets[1] (ECS) are step-by-step tutorials distributed as eclipse plugins. Each step in the ECS can have a "click to perform" link, that triggers an IAction[2].

This project target the creation of Git-related IActions suited to Eclipse cheat sheets. The git backend would be provided by the JGit[3] project.

The git integration should be invisible:
a) the user opens the ECS and performs the automatic "setup" step
  - creates a project, clone from repo, checkout to start point
  - fetch the repo, checkout to start point (if the project already exists)
b) each ECS step can be associated to a git object
c) user navigates between steps via git checkouts
d) user can compare his progress with the expected progress via git diffs

Looks like the EGit project provides some git-enabled actions[4], but I dont know if they are suited to these operations.

The actions should include:
1) Create a new project from a repository <git clone>
2) Checkout to an object (tag/sha-1/branch) <git checkout>
3) Show diff <git diff>

Last year, my mentor (Stephane Begaudeau) told me that Cédric Brun was working on this, and I can continue/improve the work.

The second part of the project could be providing some git-enabled cheat cheets, like:


Reinaldo de Souza Junior

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