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[soc-dev] (no subject)

Hi everyone,
Here is the quick summary of the status of my progress for the GSoC program.I am 3rd year undergrad student at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology,Noida,India .I am working under the guidance of Lukas Krawczyk on Eclipse Kuksa Ide support using Yocto image and Eclipse Che application tools and monitoring air pollution.I am able to build Yocto based SDKs(Software Development Kits)
which have Eclipse debug tools and gcc compilers .SDK is ready to run on AVR microcontrollers.I have implemented the SDK on raspberrypi 3 target and I am able to boot  the SDK on raspberrypi.I am also able launch Eclipse Che instance on localhost.
I am currently working on adding wiringPi recipe on my SDK and then connect raspberrypi to MQ-7 gas sensor to monitor air pollution.
Then I will implement the generated image on Eclipse Che in order to configure Eclipse Kuksa Ide Support.I am headed in the right direction.

Best Regards,
Akash Bhardwaj

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