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[soc-dev] UID plugin

Requested sir,
   In the eclipse like we have a Java Project Wizard, similarly  in my
proposal, we will built a UID wizard, this project will help UID like
projects around the world, e.g: in India it is called UID(Unique
Identification Number) and in United States it is called SSN(Social
Security Number), more or less the common feature is to provide a
number which uniquely identifies an individual and provide
authentication to him based on him/her UID or SSN.

By now, I have only idea of UID framework in India, but this project
can be enhanced in future to write it in a more generic way by
studying the requirements and their framework  for any country which
will launch UID like projects and I love to be part of this project
and its continuous development and support, if given a chance

Taking an example of a banking organization, if it want to write any
code based on UID, all have to do is to call a new UID wizard in the
eclipse, all the API's will be automatically available

Indresh Kumar Gupta

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