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Re: [soc-dev] ranking of proposals

My preference is to use the built-in scoring system to rank proposals. We've had mixed results from it in the past. If we collectively decide that there's some problem with the results it produces, then we can collectively decide how to address it.

The ranking system works best if all mentors review and score all proposals. However, this is generally not reasonable, so it's best if mentors review and score at least a few proposals (other than the ones that they themselves are directly interested in).

Students, it is *your* responsibility to make us want to review and score your proposals. The best way to do this is to spend a little extra effort on your proposals to make sure that they are sensible, reasonable, and generally easy to understand. If information is missing, but the proposal is otherwise sensible and reasonable, we'll ask for that extra information.

Mentors, feel free to ask your colleagues to join on as mentors and have a voice in how proposals get scored.



On 03/29/2012 02:42 AM, Henrik Rentz-Reichert wrote:
Hi all,

I'm participating the first time in GSoC as a mentor for The Eclipse Foundation.

I'm a committer of the eTrice project and we have students eager to work on all of our project ideas.
They are preparing their proposals right now.

As I understood the mentors of The Eclipse Foundation will rank all student proposals related to Eclipse.
How does that work?
I saw that some of the proposals already have votes.
Is that the means of ranking?
How many votes does each mentor have?

Thanks for answering my questions,

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Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
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