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  • [orbit-dev] orbit/downloads/2020-06 simrel alias, Dietrich, Christian
  • [orbit-dev] Import Apache batik into my current eclipse platform, Himanshu Balasamanta
  • [orbit-dev] Fw: Re: Freemarker Orbit Bundle Update, Stefan Kapferer
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: R20200224183213 (2020-03), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20200224183213 (2020-03 RC1), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20200219023850 (2020-03 M3), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] org.apache.lucene.misc removed from repository, Dawid Pakuła
  • Re: [orbit-dev] [tools-pmc] JakartaEE jars and Orbit, Wayne Beaton
  • [orbit-dev] Fwd: JakartaEE jars and Orbit, Aleksandar Kurtakov
  • [orbit-dev] CQs for ATO for Jersey, Jonah Graham
  • [orbit-dev] PMC Approval required for Committer Election for Tony Homer on Eclipse Orbit Project, emo
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20200128200239 (2020-03 M2), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Fwd: removing assertj 1.7.1, Matthias Sohn
  • [orbit-dev] Committer Election for Tony Homer on Eclipse Orbit Project has started, emo
  • [orbit-dev] creating new recipe fails with error "version can neither be null, empty nor blank", Matthias Sohn
  • [orbit-dev] switch from com.spotify.docker.client to org.mandas.docker.client, Homer, Tony
  • [orbit-dev] No 2020-03 M1 Build, Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] 2019-12 does not point to same path on, Jonah Graham
  • [orbit-dev] Import-Package in osgi.bnd, Homer, Tony
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: R20191126223242 (2019-12), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20191126223242 (2019-12 RC1), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Orbit R20191115185527, Alexander Fedorov
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20191118194249 (2019-12 M3), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Bundles including OpenJDK distribution and p2 installation, Mickael Istria
  • [orbit-dev] Fwd: new process for 3rd party dependencies, Matthias Sohn
  • [orbit-dev] New S-build, Matthias Sohn
  • [orbit-dev] Sources for plugins to fulfil OSS obligations, Ranjana Radhakrishnan (RBEI/EMT2)
  • [orbit-dev] Orbit bundles whose certificates have expired., Mat Booth
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20191025144108 (2019-12 M2), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Evolving Orbit's Process/Policy, Gunnar Wagenknecht
  • [orbit-dev] Add Jaxen and JDom zu Orbit, Dirk Fauth
  • [orbit-dev] Auto scroll in settings, mythral0
  • [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20191007144714 (2019-12 M1), Roland Grunberg
  • [orbit-dev] Adding an existing bundle from Maven to Orbit, Dirk Fauth

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