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Re: [orbit-dev] Import Apache batik into my current eclipse platform

Atually I have to use only the following dependencies

Batik Java2D SVG generator 1.9.1.v20190730-1743

Batik AWT utilities 1.9.1.v20190730-1743

Batik SVG DOM implementation 1.9.1.v20190730-1743

Thanks once again.


On 07/03/20 11:42 am, Himanshu Balasamanta wrote:

Myself Himanshu Balasamanta, Second year electrical engineering from india. I wanted to import apache batik into my current eclipse platform, which is 2019-12. I learnt that eclipse orbit update site is used for apache batik.

Please guide me on as to how can I import and use apache batik. If possible through "install new software" in menu->help, or otherwise. I will be very greatful.

Thanks in advance


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