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Re: [orbit-dev] complete or composite?

On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 6:41 PM Homer, Tony <tony.homer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I know that we should use the composite here
> But we use a Nexus proxy p2 site and have run into trouble with pointing to composites, so our current practice is to point directly to the final build repo instead.

Is there any way to run a script that mirrors the composite to a
temporary location
prior to placing it in Nexus ? The p2 mirrorApplication should be able
to do this.
There's also a zip of everything made available for each build.

> I was reviewing the list of dependencies available in the latest 2020-03 Orbit p2 repo at
> I noticed that there are some bundles missing from there that are present here
> For example:
> com.sun.xml.bind_2.2.0.v201505121915.jar
> javassist_3.13.0.GA_v201209210905.jar

Yes, this portion of the 2020-03 composite contains the bundles that
were not built
through orbit-recipes. They existed in the Neon release of Orbit and gets a more
recent timestamp on every update. That old repository is slowly
shrinking but still

> I imagine if I were using the 2020-03 composite repo they would resolve, but I am wondering if this is expected?
> Another way to put it is, if you review the list of bundles available in Orbit 2020-03 by looking through all the links:
> Is it expected that some would only be available via build repos from previous Orbit releases?

For the orbit-recipes content (drops2), each new build has separate
content. It's
the old content that existed in Neon and prior that is available only from
"previous build repos".

Also, it's not uncommon for content made available in one release, to be
removed early in the release cycle of another as newer versions become
available. In the case of Lucene, I see :

So if someone truly needs queryparser in 8.4.1 it can likely be provided
but with updating certain stacks of dependencies we sometimes run
into cases where one consumer needs only 3 of the 5, and there isn't
someone to investigate what needs to be done to update the other 2.

Roland Grunberg

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