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Re: [orbit-dev] Continue to require ATO CQs?

On Fri, Apr 17, 2020 at 10:33 AM Sina Madani <sinadoom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thank you for the clarification. The motive for adding this is that ANTLR 3 and ANTLR 4 are fundamentally different and incompatible: even the package names are different. 3.5.2 is the latest version of ANTLR 3 (it actually released after ANTLR 4), and ANTLR3 is still widely used.
> So to be clear, for the time being any non-PB CQ will do, until the EBR plugin is update to remove the mandatory CQ field and the website is updated to remove the “Orbit CQ” column?

If they're incompatible, and too much work would be required to update
then I guess we can at least get 3.5.2 as the latest for 3.x.

I'm sure there's some overlap looking at the releases, but if you look at : , there have been
no new releases since 2014, while antlr4-runtime continues : .

Also, yes, any non-PB CQ will do, provided it refers to the same bundle.
I was actually thinking of requesting people use 'clearlydefined' in the CQ
field or maybe even a direct link to the clearlydefined entry.

Roland Grunberg

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