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  • [ide4edu-dev] Learning OO Concepts in Eclipse using Analogies, Rory Forde
  • [ide4edu-dev] Invitation to connect on LinkedIn, Srihari Sriraman
  • [ide4edu-dev] GSoC, Integrated Engineering Environment proposal, usage in Eclipse for Education project, Egor Ivanov
  • [ide4edu-dev] Eclipse IDE for Education [GSOC], gupta.chandan1@xxxxxxxxx
  • [ide4edu-dev] GSoC, Sveta Nesterenko
  • [ide4edu-dev] my email, Srihari Sriraman
  • [ide4edu-dev] Reviewing patches, Wayne Beaton
  • [ide4edu-dev] Setting up a new developer help wiki area, Cory Matheson
  • [ide4edu-dev] Low profile this week, Wayne Beaton
  • [ide4edu-dev] Branding, Wayne Beaton
  • [ide4edu-dev] GSoC 2010 announced, Wayne Beaton
  • [ide4edu-dev] Low profile, Wayne Beaton
  • [ide4edu-dev] Conference Call Meeting Minutes, Brenda Sadoway
  • [ide4edu-dev] Requesting conf. call for Thurs. Feb 11 - 9am, cmatheso
  • [ide4edu-dev] Proposal for gsoc., ishan chhabra
  • [ide4edu-dev] Some more use cases for javalite, cmatheso
  • [ide4edu-dev] Refresh before testing/writing new code, Wayne Beaton
  • [ide4edu-dev] Small Update, Cory Matheson
  • [ide4edu-dev] Priorities, Wayne Beaton
  • [ide4edu-dev] Updated New Project Wizard, Wayne Beaton
  • [ide4edu-dev] Re: ide4edu-dev Digest, Vol 9, Issue 8, plorimer
  • [ide4edu-dev] Last semester used SVN?, cmatheso
  • [ide4edu-dev] RCP project files, cmatheso
  • [ide4edu-dev] Re: ide4edu-dev Digest, Vol 9, Issue 3, plorimer
  • [ide4edu-dev] Initial Java Project Comments, cmatheso
  • [ide4edu-dev] Scheme project files and conference call times, cmatheso
  • [ide4edu-dev] prince.abhishek16@xxxxxxxxx has sent you a private message, Abhishek K
  • [ide4edu-dev] Abhishek K (prince.abhishek16@xxxxxxxxx) has sent you a private message, Abhishek K
  • [ide4edu-dev] Team call, Wayne Beaton

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