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[ide4edu-dev] Re: ide4edu-dev Digest, Vol 9, Issue 8

We only used our own repo because we found that we couldn't work together without setting up something. No offence to anyone, but I found that we were being pushed to follow only Eclipse Community rules, for example not being able to use "code sprint" in our comments and such. The thing is that this course IS still university, I didn't want to ask the whole community when I had a stupid question because it was most likely something small that I didn't want to share with the community, but I wanted to ask my "class mates." Plus, I found both Dwight and you(Wayne) to be extremely busy, so I didn't even know if my patches were quality (I still don't, they were probably crappy). I think that if Eclipse continues with UCOSP they consider a UCOSP only repo where we can practice, and at least we can see the stuff committed and get some satisfaction. That's my opinion though.
Peter Lorimer
Faculty of Science, Computing Science

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   1. Re: Last semester used SVN? (Wayne Beaton)


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Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 11:22:29 -0500
From: Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [ide4edu-dev] Last semester used SVN?
To: Eclipse IDE for Education <ide4edu-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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 From my POV, setting up an external repo is fine. However, please make
sure that you keep in the loop by regularly commenting on
the bug and posting patches. Keep in mind that large patches (>250 LOC)
are subject to the full IP Due Diligence process which can be

FWIW, I would love to make one or more of the UCOSP students a committer
on the project (thereby granting direct write access to the code
repository). We can make this happen after you demonstrate merit by
providing several high-quality patches or other significant
contributions. If your patches aren't getting attention, pester me.
Don't be shy.


maciej.kozlowski@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Cory,

We used an SVN when we were working on the Scheme part. We set up the
repo on Google Code. The project is here:


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I was reading back on the UCOSP blog, and the last semester mentioned
using an SVN, and they say it really improved the direction of the
project in their post mortems..

Do you guys recall what they did here? Was an SVN actually used? Who
was responsible for setting up the server?

I too, think it would be of great benefit for use, such that we have an
area to commit code and not micromanage 300 patches.


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Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation

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