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Re: [ide4edu-dev] Re: ide4edu-dev Digest, Vol 9, Issue 8

For clarification, I suggested that talk of "code sprints" in Eclipse bugs would be confusing the broader community that was not participating in the sprint. Any comments made in Eclipse bugs have to be made in the context of that broader community.

The reality of the matter is that I am not an educator (at least not a university one). I am a committer on an Eclipse project. To me, the "Eclipse Community Rules" are all that really matter. Having said that the "Eclipse Community Rules" are a very fluid thing that change every time somebody new comes to the community. Eclipse resources such as this mailing list and bugzilla can be used to discuss UCOSP-specific things, but just be aware that they are not UCOSP-dedicated resources. There are other people watching this conversation. They will occasionally jump into the discussion. Frankly, the fact that we haven't heard much from anybody outside of UCOSP and myself is a little disturbing, but that's a matter for a different discussion.

I have no issue with creation of an external repository. Go ahead and create one. My only concern is that you don't just spin off all your work there and neglect the open source community aspect of what you're doing. Creating code and communication amongst yourselves is only part of the open source experience. Dealing with a frustrating and overworked committer to get your fixes in is another important part of that experience. In that regard, be a squeaky wheel.

Like I said before... if you want to create an external repository, go for it. However, make sure that you continue to engage with the community.

Responsibility flows two ways. Yes, I have a responsibility to be responsive to your input and requests. You also have a responsibility to engage actively with me to make sure that you are meeting my needs and I am meeting yours.

I hope this makes sense.


plorimer@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
We only used our own repo because we found that we couldn't work together without setting up something. No offence to anyone, but I found that we were being pushed to follow only Eclipse Community rules, for example not being able to use "code sprint" in our comments and such. The thing is that this course IS still university, I didn't want to ask the whole community when I had a stupid question because it was most likely something small that I didn't want to share with the community, but I wanted to ask my "class mates." Plus, I found both Dwight and you(Wayne) to be extremely busy, so I didn't even know if my patches were quality (I still don't, they were probably crappy). I think that if Eclipse continues with UCOSP they consider a UCOSP only repo where we can practice, and at least we can see the stuff committed and get some satisfaction. That's my opinion though.

Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation

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