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Re: [ide4edu-dev] Status Update - Feb 1

Hi Cory,

Thanks for the report. I am glad to see you are making progress. In your next report, please try to be more specific in terms of time frame when you expect to complete items. There is no problem saying you expect to take "n" weeks or days to explore/develop/research something. It just puts an expectation on the completion time of the task. In addition make sure to identify bug numbers you have worked on or are working on.
- Changed focus slightly and started working on some of the smaller issues. (Converted the wizard action class to use our own file, fixed 3 bugs)
- Fixed a few more warnings
- Did a more "user centric" focused usage of the program. Found some new user issues that I will be pointing out shortly.

Next Steps:
- Continue doing small tasks from the bug list.
- Continue looking into potential user issues.

- None.
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