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Re: [ide4edu-dev] Re: ide4edu-dev Digest, Vol 9, Issue 8

I don't think I understand what you're doing.

The Team Project Set is merely a convenience tool that loads projects from CVS (or SVN, or whatever) for you. The results of loading via Team Project Set or directly from CVS should be the same. The Team Project Set has nothing to do with build. Perhaps you've loaded from the wrong level.

Each of the plug-ins is represented by a distinct directory nested under a "plugins" directory in the repository. We do this consistently in both the JavaLite and Scheme subdirectories. The directory structure that we chose is consistent with what many other Eclipse projects do. FWIW, the Team Project Sets were created _after_ the directory structure was established in order to make it easier to locate and pull in the interesting parts of the project.

Eclipse projects are represented by directories that contain a .project file. If you load from any other level, Eclipse won't know what you've done and won't be able to do a build without some extra help. If you're loading directly from CVS, you should navigate to:


Under these folders you will find folders representing individual plug-ins. You should load from this level. You can highlight a subdirectory (or multiple) and select "Check out" from the pop-up menu to pull that plug-in (see the screenshot).

If you already have the plug-in loaded into your workspace (whether loaded manually or by Team Project Set), you can select "Team > Update" from the pop-up menu to bring yourself up-to-date with the latest and greatest from the repository. In fact, you should do this periodically.

You can also use "Team > Synchronize with Repository" to browse the differences between what you have and what's on the server. You can then (using the Synchronize view) opt to "Override and Update" to throw away any changes you've made in your workspace in favour of what's on the server. You can also do this via "Replace With > Latest from HEAD".



cmatheso@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Sorry for all the questions, but I got 1 more..

Quoting "Wayne Beaton" <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

The Team project set is basically a set of instructions for Eclipse to load stuff from the CVS repository. You need to redownload the file and reimport to get any changes. Alternatively, you can go to the CVS perspective, and navigate to the "technology" project repository, "HEAD" branch, org.eclipse.ide4edu to gain direct access to the various artefacts.

Ok, I was able to successfully load the ide4edu stuff directly from the CVS repo. I synced directly to the head / ide4edu tag no problem.

However, I have 2 issues now:
1. It won't build individually. When the project set is in use, the build property knows how to find for ex. plugin.xml, but with the import from CVS, the same file is actually located here - following same ex. javalite/plugins/org.eclipse.ide4edu.javalite.ui/plugin.xml and thus can't find it and nothing builds.

2. Perhaps its just me, but whats up with the directory structure? Its really, *really* hard to follow. Is this a byproduct of using project sets primarily?

Heres the full path of one of our classes from the CVS Head directory:


The file structure is repeated 3 times... Would it be worthwhile re-organizing the file structure (and making it consistent between scheme and javalite?). The solution to this would help fix #1 as well. What do you guys think? I personally like having a file structure that makes sense, so its easy to navigate, etc. etc.

Also, I will admit this is the 1st time I've used a team project set (I've always worked directly with the repo file structure instead). Is this (3 times repeated) file structure intended?

Thanks for your time and patience,
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