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Re: [ide4edu-dev] Initial Java Project Comments

We're trying to address the menu clutter by removing as much functionality as we can. Unfortunately, that still leaves a lot of confusing menus. I understand that "capabilities" might help us with the clutter; apparently, this concept groups menus/toolbar items/etc. and allows them to be turned off. I haven't spent enough time with capabilities myself to know how to leverage them.

We wrestled with this early on. If we make views in the perspective with big shiny buttons on them, the user will naturally gravitate toward them and away from the menus. Maybe this solves the problem for us. Agree/disagree?

I'd like to see a prototype of "big shiny buttons" in the Java Lite Package Explorer. Or elsewhere in the IDE. Even better would be some out-of-the-box thinking.

I agree that the welcome screen is useless. How can we make it useful?

I believe that the images in the help are JPG. The lesson here is to use PNG or GIF for screenshots. JPG is good for photographs. A patch with new and improved images would be greatly appreciated.



cmatheso@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello everyone,

I have a couple more comments on the java lite eclipse perspective. Perhaps it will give us something to work on for the code sprint :).

1. I found some UI inconsistency - If i go File -> New -> Project... Java Project. It launches the regular eclipse new project menu, and not the JLite one. Actually, if I was an inexperienced user, the vast menu bar would probably be more confusing then its worth... not sure if that is even modifiable?

2. The splash screen is quite useless :(.

- The overview link has 1 sentence - it could use some looking at I think. There must surely be more to explain about this project then that?..
- The tutorial button loads an empty page. Not a single tutorial..
- Also, the "Go to workbench" link doesn't work.

3. I opened the JLite help.. it seems alright. The first picture however has really *really* bad image quality. Its a little off-putting. Would it be worth organizing the help a little more too? Instead of putting everything in 1 file, perhaps separate / index? So i could click Help -> JLite -> New Project, for example, and it would load the picture + instructions?

Thoughts / comments?

Cory Matheson.
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