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Re: [ide4edu-dev] Re: ide4edu-dev Digest, Vol 9, Issue 8

I'll look at the bugs/patches tonight.

The Mylyn attachments are Mylyn contexts. Mylyn is a productivity enhancement that allows you to directly access Bugs as tasks in the IDE. It keeps track of what you do and filters the various views to show only those things that are pertinent to the task. I recommend that you spend some time learning about Mylyn from the project website.

The Team project set is basically a set of instructions for Eclipse to load stuff from the CVS repository. You need to redownload the file and reimport to get any changes. Alternatively, you can go to the CVS perspective, and navigate to the "technology" project repository, "HEAD" branch, org.eclipse.ide4edu to gain direct access to the various artefacts.

Everything I have in the repository is in the Team Project Set. I don't believe that we have an RCP bundle. At least I don't have one. Perhaps Dwight has it in his workspace, or it's attached to a bug that I am unaware of. Dwight, please advise.


cmatheso@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
** Quick question - are we having our conference call tomorrow? Maybe it would be a good idea **

Otherwise, I'll try and get the ball rolling...

I have 2 patches ready to address some warnings:
Here -
and Here -

Also, this bug - mentions in the comments that we can close these bugs as the patch addresses the following issues:

Also, Miles finished this patch at the code sprint here - and its probably ready for submitting too (a small bug fix on top of the original patch).

And a side note:

- What do we do with the mylin/context/zip attachments? Like the one you posted here -

- Also, I'm finding the importing of the team project set from is kind of dodgy. Like, you mention you updated it with the bug fix from bug 288852 into the project set, but I still don't see it when I download the "latest" version. On a related note, everytime you make a change / add something, will we need to re-download a new project set file? Is this how we should do this?

- Also, can we get access to the RCP files?

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