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[ide4edu-dev] Setting up a new developer help wiki area


I've decided to go ahead and setup an area on the wiki where we can put general knowledge and useful tidbits of information to assist any new developers (aka next term UCOSP) with getting up to speed with the project (quicker if possible).

I've already started some work on it, and the URL is here:

A couple more ideas I'm considering adding are:
- A little blurb about the mailing list, and setting up BugZilla to email you updates.
- A rough outline of the different plugins we have, and the code within them, their purpose, etc.
- A quick overview of the structure of an RCP app (to the best of my knowledge..) and some Eclipse conventions like IWorkspace vs. Workspace, internal packages that we should try to avoid, and a couple useful classes that have proven invaluable during development, etc. etc..

Anyone got any additional ideas on things to add? My hope is that the wiki can be updated with new information and links as time goes on.


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