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[ide4edu-dev] Updated New Project Wizard

Team, I have updated the New Project Wizard per Bug 300294 and Bug 299332. The latter bug introduces a new plug-in, org.eclipse.ide4edu.javalite.constructors. The "constructors" bundle contains classes that know how to construct things like projects and classes. Constructors don't have a GUI. They are used by GUIs. I have updated the team project set to include this new plug-in.

UCOSP students, by now you have likely found the CVS Repository Exploring perspective. You can use this to load the new plug-ins as an alternative to the team project set.

With this change, I have separated the responsibility of actually creating the class from the user interface. I hope you'll agree that the new implementation is cleaner and much simpler. It has the added benefit of being based on public APIs (with the exception of the icon--I'll take care of this tomorrow). I'd like to see similar separation done for the Java Class wizard. Any takers? See Bug 300275 for my thoughts/notes on the topic. Please feel free to ask any questions that need asking.

In the process, I have also created a new testing project for the constructors. It only has one test for now. I'll be adding a few more tests in the coming days. The constructor object is not complete; we'll have to consider how to handle issues with the name, for example.


Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation

I'm going to EclipseCon!

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