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[ide4edu-dev] GSoC, Integrated Engineering Environment proposal, usage in Eclipse for Education project

Hello, Everyone,

As I see there is very little interest to the IEE project I proposed to the GSoC. It's very strange for me, cause I think the project is very interesting. May be it's not relevant for Eclipse Developers.
So I tried to modify the proposal a bit to make it more suitable for existing Eclipse projects.

The IEE, even in the prototype, could consist the images and other objects straight in the source code.
I think it's very useful for the Educational purposes to have images in the source. The images could consist (block schemes, diagrams, algorithms), making the source more readable.
Also, frequently, students have mathematical tasks, that could be also performed straight in the Educational IDE.

I attach the screenshot example of my vision.  

Best Regards,
Egor Ivanov

Attachment: crypto algorythm illustrated in IEE .jpg
Description: JPEG image

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