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Re: [ide4edu-dev] Proposal for gsoc.

Sounds like a grand idea. Sorry to be daft, but do you mean to implement the "ddd" functionality in Java, or improve the existing C/C++ implementation? Are you aware of any existing bugs in our system that address this particular issue? An existing bug might give you some pointers to individuals who could provide mentorship.

The GSoC 2010 programme hasn't (AFAIK) been announced yet. Please do pay attention to the Google site [1] to make sure that you don't miss the start of the programme. Last year, the programme was announced on Feb 8 (today's date).




ishan chhabra wrote:
Hello everybody,
I have an idea that i want to implement for eclipse or maybe specifically ide4edu. I wanted to know ur initial thoughts on it, would it be feasible and if anybody is interested to mentor. I did my course on data structures using java previous semester and faced this problem of not being able to find out what was really happening using the existing debuggers. I really wished if there could be a way to visually see linked data stuctures such as linked lists, trees and graphs. A bit of research showed that there has been some work done on this in the literature and there is an implemetation achieving something similar for c/c++ namely ddd. Since then i have been highly motivated to impement something like this in eclipse. It would help visualize the state of the program and the required data structures and could be very helpful for debugging and learning purposes. It would also be helpful for some new to a codebase to gain more insight into the code. Unfortunately i haven't had much time to do it because of my semester work although i have been trying to make some progress each day. I think the summers would be an ideal time to implement this.
Looking forward to your thoughts on this.


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