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Re: [ide4edu-dev] Requesting conf. call for Thurs. Feb 11 - 9am

Just to confirm, thats 11am est on Thursday, or Friday?


Quoting "Wayne Beaton" <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Okay. 11am EST works for me, and--it appears--everybody else. I think, however, that Dwight is booked up with the University Senate on that day. We'll just have to push on without him. Mark your calendars.

Canada: 1-877-727-8553
Participant pass code = 428 029 063#

FWIW, as much as is possible, our discussions should be public. Discussions on this mailing list are transparent to the community which makes it easier for other folks to get involved. I rather prefer mailing list discussions because important details tend to get missed when we only discuss on the phone. Having said that, some issues are better discussed on the phone, so let's move ahead.

Can somebody volunteer to take minutes for the call?


Cory Matheson wrote:
Sorry, also 1pm est is too late for us (right in the middle of classes for brenda).

What about 9am mst, 11am est on friday or wednesday?

Does that day / time work for anyone else?

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No, est time. 11am est, 9am mst.

Will that work?
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That's mountain time, I assume. I can't do it. The best that I can offer is 1pm ET. Does that work?


cmatheso@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


Wayne, as the title implies. Could we get a conference call setup for this Thursday (Feb 11th) at 9am?

I will be home then, and won't have to worry about our whacky campus internet getting in the way. Also have some stuff to discuss.

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