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[ide4edu-dev] Initial Java Project Comments

Hello everyone,

I have a couple more comments on the java lite eclipse perspective. Perhaps it will give us something to work on for the code sprint :).

1. I found some UI inconsistency - If i go File -> New -> Project... Java Project. It launches the regular eclipse new project menu, and not the JLite one. Actually, if I was an inexperienced user, the vast menu bar would probably be more confusing then its worth... not sure if that is even modifiable?

2. The splash screen is quite useless :(.

- The overview link has 1 sentence - it could use some looking at I think. There must surely be more to explain about this project then that?..
- The tutorial button loads an empty page. Not a single tutorial..
- Also, the "Go to workbench" link doesn't work.

3. I opened the JLite help.. it seems alright. The first picture however has really *really* bad image quality. Its a little off-putting. Would it be worth organizing the help a little more too? Instead of putting everything in 1 file, perhaps separate / index? So i could click Help -> JLite -> New Project, for example, and it would load the picture + instructions?

Thoughts / comments?

Cory Matheson.

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