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Re: [ide4edu-dev] Priorities

RCP pretty much _is_ the platform. Decoupling from Platform code makes no sense. I didn't suggest that we should decouple from the platform code. I said that removing dependencies on code that uses internal API ("non-API") was my priority. We've already done this with the New Java Project Wizard. I believe that fixing the New Java Class Wizard is a matter of a couple of hours. In fact, that work is pretty far along with the creation of the NewJavaClassConstructor in Bug 300275.

It's pretty simple to say "let's make an RCP application". Reality is that we will need the JDT to have the compiler, editors, functioning outline view, JavaCore, and all that. We'll also need the resources API, the debugger, and everything else that you need in an IDE. We may be able to do with out the team API; at least for now. Effectively, we'll need a major subset of the existing IDE to make this happen.

An Eclipse IDE _is_ an RCP application. All of them are.

By making an "RCP application", we may be able to gain some measure of control over the menu and tool bar. It doesn't help us much with the clutter in the context menu of the Java Editor.

Still, it's worth spending some effort looking into our options. Just manage your expectations.


Cory Matheson wrote:
I have some doubts that we will be able to completely decouple IDE4EDU from the platform code. From what I've gathered thus far, the project is deeply intertwined to the platform - unless of course we re-write essential underlying code....

However, wouldn't packaging as an RCP app sort of address this? At least that way, we have control over the platform being used, so we should only package the platform that we are compatible with?


On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 6:20 PM, Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    I agree that decluttering the UI is am important consideration.
    I'm willing to make it number 3.

    At this point, however, not having a proper build is a bit of an
    exposure. It's hard to drive adoption if we don't have something
    that we can distribute. Code that uses non-API is brittle and
    risks breakage with each new release of the underlying software.


    Brenda Sadoway wrote:

        I agree with Cory that concentrating on de-cluttering the UI
        would be best because it gives that first impression to a
        brand new user that, if they're also brand new to programming,
        can scare them off.  It isn't just toolbars and menus that
        need to be stripped down though; I think simplifying common
        processes (wizards, debugging, renaming files [simplistic
        refactoring?]) might also be looked into.


        Quoting "Cory Matheson" <cmatheson.can@xxxxxxxxx

            I'm not sure about other universities, but our last
            official day of classes
            seems to be April 12 this year. Of course, then we have
            exams and stuff
            start shortly thereafter. I would set a final milestone
            around then.
            (Keeping in mind, we have other courses, and they are
            probably going to do
            the same).

            I'd like to concentrate on UI de-cluttering and general
            usability. (IMO, the
            UI is everything for the 1st time user, and I think that
            is what turns them
            off the most when they see 3000 options and don't know
            what any of them do).
            Going to concentrate on the main (IDE4EDU) release for now
            - can always port
            the code later to the scheme plugin once we got it all
            worked out.

            Also, UI de-cluttering should also indirectly help with
            your priority #2, in
            that we will also most likely need to create our own
            wizards, etc, and then
            we hopefully won't need to access as many non-APIs.


            On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 12:42 PM, Wayne Beaton
            <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

                FWIW, my two highest priorities wrt IDE4EDU are:

                1) Get a proper build working (Bug 288663)
                2) Remove code that accesses non-API (Bugs 300275 and

                I will update the project plan accordingly. I will set
                a milestone date
                that coincides with the end of the UCOSP term. Can
                somebody give me the date
                for that? I'll set the release date for sometime
                during the summer.

                Does anybody else want to express their priorities for
                this release?


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