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Re: [ide4edu-dev] Priorities

I agree with Cory that concentrating on de-cluttering the UI would be best because it gives that first impression to a brand new user that, if they're also brand new to programming, can scare them off. It isn't just toolbars and menus that need to be stripped down though; I think simplifying common processes (wizards, debugging, renaming files [simplistic refactoring?]) might also be looked into.


Quoting "Cory Matheson" <cmatheson.can@xxxxxxxxx>:

I'm not sure about other universities, but our last official day of classes
seems to be April 12 this year. Of course, then we have exams and stuff
start shortly thereafter. I would set a final milestone around then.
(Keeping in mind, we have other courses, and they are probably going to do
the same).

I'd like to concentrate on UI de-cluttering and general usability. (IMO, the
UI is everything for the 1st time user, and I think that is what turns them
off the most when they see 3000 options and don't know what any of them do).
Going to concentrate on the main (IDE4EDU) release for now - can always port
the code later to the scheme plugin once we got it all worked out.

Also, UI de-cluttering should also indirectly help with your priority #2, in
that we will also most likely need to create our own wizards, etc, and then
we hopefully won't need to access as many non-APIs.


On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 12:42 PM, Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

FWIW, my two highest priorities wrt IDE4EDU are:

1) Get a proper build working (Bug 288663)
2) Remove code that accesses non-API (Bugs 300275 and 300672)

I will update the project plan accordingly. I will set a milestone date
that coincides with the end of the UCOSP term. Can somebody give me the date
for that? I'll set the release date for sometime during the summer.

Does anybody else want to express their priorities for this release?


Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation

I'm going to EclipseCon!

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