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  • Re: [subversive-dev] How to prevent automatic merge, (continued)
  • [subversive-dev] Announcing the release of EasySVN, EasySVN
  • [subversive-dev] [ANN] SVNKit 1.7.4 is released!, Alexander Kitaev
  • [subversive-dev] blog post: Subversion 1.7 - Zippy, but should you upgrade?, Igor Vinnykov
  • [subversive-dev] Version 0.7.9.I20111119-1700 of subversive is not working at all, Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf
  • [subversive-dev] [ANN] SubGit Early Access Program Build #789, Alexander Kitaev
  • [subversive-dev] svn not detected in linked resources ?, Alexander Neundorf
  • [subversive-dev] Merge trunk into branch with Subversive, Celinio Fernandes
  • [subversive-dev] How does subversive stop .svn folders from being copied by the Java Builder?, Kris De Volder
  • [subversive-dev] deleted branch and sync screen, Neels J Hofmeyr
  • [subversive-dev] issue #353875 -- replace-with-revision on locked file fails even if file isn't being changed., Neels J Hofmeyr
  • [subversive-dev] Subversion project loses Subversion connection, Randall, Wallace
  • [subversive-dev] Tag for Indigo release, Natalia Bartol
  • [subversive-dev] Programmatically sharing a project and specifying credentials, Biörnstad , Biörn
  • [subversive-dev] opinions on replace-with-revision-or-url quirk, Neels J Hofmeyr
  • [subversive-dev] How to invoke Lock operation before Commit operation using de Commit UI extension point, rodrigo luiz duarte
  • [subversive-dev] Subversive 0.7.8 - Detect the end of the checkout or update, Philippe EUGENE
  • [subversive-dev] build from source, Neels J Hofmeyr
  • [subversive-dev] Commit extension point, rodrigo luiz duarte
  • [subversive-dev] MSCAPI Anbindung via SVNKit, Markus Oberlassnig
  • [subversive-dev] Ordering of svn:externals, Julien HENRY
  • [subversive-dev] Indigo release, Kreyßel , Conny
  • [subversive-dev] Status of Logical Model Integration support, Biörnstad , Biörn
  • Re: [subversive-dev] Subversive 0.7.8 - Adding decorator to the repository view, Philippe EUGENE
  • [subversive-dev] Install subversive connectors without internet connection, Gonzalo Alvarez
  • [subversive-dev] Status of subversive project, Kreyßel , Conny
  • [subversive-dev] [ANN ] SVNKit 1.3.5 is available., Alexander Kitaev
  • [subversive-dev] Revision Graph Options in 0.7.9.I20100512-1900, Dirk Maucher
  • [subversive-dev] Integration with new svnkit versions, Richard Evans
  • [subversive-dev] How can I make subversive get back to work after an interrupted commit?, David Breimann
  • [subversive-dev] weekly and release sites are broken, Igor Fedorenko
  • [subversive-dev] Add merge information for Revision Graph, Igor V. Burilo
  • [subversive-dev] Subversive 0.7.9 Released, Igor V. Burilo
  • [subversive-dev] [ANN] SVNKit 1.3.3 is available., Alexander Kitaev
  • Re:RE: [subversive-dev] Commit Missing Status File InSubversive Unsuccessful, Jesse

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