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Re: [subversive-dev] Status of subversive project

Thanks for your reply. It's good to hear that subversive is the first bundled eclipse subversion client. Congratulations!

Did you release a Indigo M6-Build (as shown in the "Release Milestones"-Table)?



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Dear Conny,

What exactly would you like to know? Subversive project is live and it is a part of Indigo release train. Project milestones are listed here: According with this plan we publish releases together with releases for connectors. We don't release connectors for every single JavaHL or SVNKit release, but update them together with Subversive releases if new versions of connectors are available.

Best regards,
Igor Vinnykov

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can any project member (or polarion employee) explain how is the state of the subversive project?

I see no official news, no release plan, no mailing list traffic, BUT in the background (early access builds and changelog, bugzilla changes) real changes going.

Please stop me to switch to subclipse ;-) (i think subversive looks better, but subclipse lives more - he has a connector for subversion 1.6.15 - subversive is still at 1.6.12)



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