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Re: [subversive-dev] Subversion project loses Subversion connection


Unfortunately the problem description is too generic. The only thing I could say is that such a behaviour could be caused by a few of reasons:
1) the plug-in stopped being loaded for some reason (in that case you should not be able to find the Window->Preferences->Team->SVN tab too)
2) the workspace metadata could not be saved for some reason and so, the projects state weren't persisted correctly.

I can't propose you anything regarding the first case, but regarding the second one - I think there is something you can do:
1) check whether the .metadata folder and all its conent in the workspace are modifyable or not
2) if not, then change rights (if there are security issues) or free some disk space (if everything is used up)
3) then run Adobe Eclipse product, use right click on your projects and perform "Share Projects..." action (it will allow you to create repository locations based on the Subversion metadata)

Best regards,
Alexander Gurov.

22.09.2011 15:48, Randall, Wallace пишет:

I am running subversive on the Adobe Coldfusion builder Eclipse product.  After installing Subversive my Subversion projects showed the appropriate version numbers in the folders view.


Suddenly none of my  Coldfusion projects are showing the Subversion versions and the SVN repository is empty.    How do I re-connect to Subversion?


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