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[subversive-dev] Announcing the release of EasySVN

Assembla is announcing the release of EasySVN, a free, open-source Subversion client with unique features to make Subversion easier to use. We just posted a 1.0 release for Windows and a beta release for Macintosh. You can download them from

EasySVN adds the following capabilities:

• Automatic update and commit mode. When this is selected, your subversion working copy acts like Dropbox, gDrive, Skydrive, and related cloud file systems. It has the advantage of being open source and portable, so you have many options for the location and security of files. Because it’s Subversion, it handles big files and repositories. This mode is useful for graphical files from designers, and other files that aren’t code.

• Simplified operations to checkout, invite, and create repositories on the Assembla hosting system. For example, selecting “Share on Assembla” on any local directory will create a repository, add the files, and commit them, in one operation.

• Free backend storage. Select “Share on Assembla” and you immediately get one of our free subversion repositories.

The Windows release builds on TortoiseSVN, the most popular Windows client. Assembla worked with the TortoiseSVN team and with joint team member Stefan Fuhrmann to design the background replication features.

The Macintosh release is integrated into the Finder. It builds on the once-popular SCPlugin open source client, which did not work after OSX version 10.6 because Apple disabled Finder plugins. The Assembla team re-engineered it to use the Apple’s new Services structure. They also updated it to Subversion 1.7, added a *nix port of the automatic update and commit, and added the Assembla integration.

The automatic update and commit operations are also available in a Linux command line version with source code.

If you are interested in contributing to these projects, please go to

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