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Re: [subversive-dev] svn not detected in linked resources ?

Hi Alex,

22.11.2011 18:44, Alexander Neundorf пишет:
On Tuesday 22 November 2011, Alexander Gurov wrote:

So, it's not what I thought about. As I understood your description, the
actual SVN project was checked out by external tool

and there is no direct relation between the SVN working copy and any project
in the Eclipse IDE workspace.
Only the linked resources.
But I could put any necessary tags into the .project file or e.g. also a
.subversive file.
Unfortunately it won't help at all.

Subversive (as any other team provider) works by attaching its nature to
the project.
I'm no Eclipse expert. Can you please explain what this means ?
What means attaching ? Can I influence this ? What does "nature" mean here ?
Attaching project to the source control provider nature is an action that could be done like this (line from the Subversive code):, SVNTeamPlugin.NATURE_ID);

That line means that for the project defined by the variable "project" in an appropriate moments of time will be called code of plug-in that has the same nature as specified by the second parameter (string constant). The "attached nature" setting is the persistent one, so it is stored somewhere inside workspace's ".metadata" folder. You can influence it the same way (just that you'll need to do some calls to the Eclipse Team API), but it won't work in the end because sharing the project is not the same as just attaching source control provider nature to it. It is expected that the shared project should be related to some repository (SVN repository in this exact case) and should contain source control metainformation inside the project root folder. So, I've opened the task related to this discussion on the Subversive tracker (, but I can't even tell you any expectations regarding when it could be done, since it requires great amount of efforts to be applied in both of the Subversive parts: core an UI.

It means, if there are no attachment, then Subversive code
won't be called at all.

As far as I know, the only way to make it work at all is to attach
"build-automoc" project to the SVN (in order to activate source control
plug-in code for the project).
How would I "attach a directoy to SVN" ?

After that next steps will be related to
some corrections in Subversive. As I understand, the "build-automoc"
project in your case shouldn't be shared through the source control, is
it correct or not?

Yes, the build directory is not in source control.
One developer can chose to create Eclipse projects, another one can choose to
generate XCode projects, Windows developers may generate VisualStudio
projects, others will only generate Makefiles.
All this is completely up to the respective developer, and build trees are
"volatile" in that sense.

If so, then the only way to do this is to allow Subversive to be
connected to the project without its actual sharing. This is some
Would it help if I create an actual symbolic link in the file system which
points from build-automoc/ to automoc/ ?

which points to

This would make it work at least for any UNIX, if it would help.

non-trivial solution and for the moment I can't tell how much time it
will take to implement it, as it will cause some serious changes in the
most important parts of the Subversive plug-in code.

If I'm wrong somewhere please correct me. Otherwise, if I understood
your situation correctly, I'll create corresponding task on the tracker.
I think you are right.

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