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[subversive-dev] [ANN] SVNKit 1.7.4 is released!

Hello All,

We are glad to announce that long awaited SVNKit 1.7.4 is released and
is available for download at page.

Please note, that in order to avoid user's confusion, we've decided to
follow Subversion version numbering, and this first version of SVNKit
which is compatible with Subversion 1.7 has 1.7.4 as a version number,
not 1.7.0.

Major new features of the new SVNKit 1.7.4 are:

- SVNKit 1.7.4 supports both old 1.6 and new 1.7 working copies and
- New command-style API (org.tmatesoft.svn.core.wc2), that one may
find more convenient than the old one.
- SVNKit 1.7.4 is binary compatible with the older versions, existing
code will continue to work with the new version.
- SVNKit 1.7.4 includes new JavaHL (org.apache.subversion.javahl)
- Java 1.5 or newer is required

We would appreciate your feedback and questions on our mailing list,
or to support@xxxxxxxxxx
You may also submit issues directly at


Alexander Kitaev,
TMate Software, - Safe Svn to Git Migration! - Java [Sub]Versioning Library! - Java Mercurial Library! - Java SQLite Library!

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