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Re: [subversive-dev] How to invoke Lock operation before Commit operation using de Commit UI extension point

Hello Rodrigo,

The API related to the commit dialog were initially created for the specific project, so it may be not the best to work with.
Regarding how to do it now - it is relatively easy. Anyway now you're implementing ICommitDialog interface. Right? In the method open() of this interface you're doing something like this:
            public int open() {
                DefaultDialog dialog = new DefaultDialog(shell, commentPanel);
So, you may as well change the code:
            public int open() {
                DefaultDialog dialog = new DefaultDialog(shell, commentPanel);
                int retVal =;
                if (retVal == Window.OK) {
                    // invoke Lock here
                return retVal;
The flaw of this solution is that you will run your code in the UI thread. That is not a very nice thing, but... oh well, that is why I said that API created for a single project is not the best thing to use, it misses many important points. So, if you have any ideas regarding future improvements you're welcome to share your opinion here:

Best regards,
Alexander Gurov,
Subversive Team.

03.08.2011 1:58, rodrigo luiz duarte пишет:

I need invoke the Lock command immediatly before the Commit operation. How can i do this using de Commit UI extension point?

Thank you,

Rodrigo Luiz Duarte

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