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[subversive-dev] How can I make subversive get back to work after an interrupted commit?


I'm using an SVN code repository and subversive Eclipse plugin.

During my last commit from Eclipse there was an interruption so the
commit was not completed successfully (I think).

Ever since then, subversive does not work normally. It seems it lost
sync with the repository: it shows the files as if they are different
from the latest repository version, although they are the same.

I tried to do another commit but nothing changes. I tried cleanup but
this didn't help too. I even disconnected (without removing the SVN
metadata) and reconnected - but again, nothing changes. I commit,
don't get any errors, but the files are still marked as different and
I can see no new version is created.

It seems some part knows the files are already updated so nothing to
commit, but some part doesn't and marks them as different...

Perhaps I can somehow remove the last (aka problematic) commit somehow
and do it again?
I use Ubuntu 10.10. Tried restarting.


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