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[subversive-dev] [ANN] SubGit Early Access Program Build #789

Hello All,

Let me introduce our new project: SubGit (

SubGit is a free tool for smooth migration from Subversion to Git. As
well as from Git to Subversion. Without git-svn insanity.

It works like this:

 - Install SubGit into your repository on the server side
 - Let initial translation complete (time depends on the size of repository)
 - Committers may now use either Git or Subversion (or both) with the
tools of their choice

SubGit EAP builds are free to use builds which you may try and let us
know what do you miss, so that we make sure that all the features you
need are included into the final version of SubGit.

SubGit works on Linux, Windows or OS X and requires Java 5 or newer.
Download new SubGit EAP build from

Alexander Kitaev,
TMate Software, - Two-way ticket to the dark side. - Java [Sub]Versioning Library! - Java Mercurial Library! - Java SQLite Library!

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