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Re: [subversive-dev] deleted branch and sync screen

Hello Neels,

I'm sorry for not answering in time, I 've been working on the SVN 1.7 related API changes. The issue you're talking about is not related to something like "there are no checks on the matter". It's more like the code responsible for the notification window was forcibly removed from the synchronize workflow. I'm checking the reasons now, so please don't worry, the issue will definitely be solved.

I've posted the bug report for the issue:

Best regards,
Alexander Gurov.

24.10.2011 16:19, Neels J Hofmeyr пишет:

On 10/10/2011 02:58 PM, Neels J Hofmeyr wrote:
Hi Subversive,

there is another issue a client of ours would love to have tweaked in
Subversive's behavior.

They are creating and deleting branches frequently, and so it happens, more
often than not, that one person has a checkout on a branch that someone else
has already deleted. It seems this case could be handled better.

They would like to be notified if a URL that a WC is checked out on has been
deleted from HEAD. This warning should appear when the user clicks
"Synchronize with repository", not only during 'update' or 'commit'.

I haven't looked at this case in detail yet, but I can understand that
clicking on an item called "synchronize with repos" sounds like it checks
branch existence. Do you think this request makes any sense?

Thanks for your opinions,


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